Example Note 2

This week I went to school as usual, on Monday my lessons were Art,French,Welsh,D.t,science and R.e On Tuesday my lessons were English,Maths,P.e,Science,I.t and Music. On Wednesday my lessons were English,geography,Science,art,French and maths. On Thursday my lessons were Food,Welsh,Music,Maths P.e and English. And on Friday I have Science,French,Maths ,English,Welsh and History. They’re my lessons for the week bye.


The Red Panda

My favourite animal is the red panda here is some information about it.


If you look up amongst the branches, you may see red pandas resting, sunbathing or grooming their beautiful fur they are agile climbers, able to escape from predators such as snow leopards and yellow- necked martens. However it is at dawn and dusk when they are at their most active.

Red pandas mainly feed on the ground. Their large heads have strong jaw muscles and broad teeth, ideal for crushing bamboo, which forms 95% of their diet in the wild.

They walk rather like bears, with their forepaws turned inwards. The soles of their feet are covered in dense hair and they have retractable claws. A false ‘thumb’ helps in climbing and handling bamboo. A female can eat approximately 200,000 leaves in one day.